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 Water Ninjutsus

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Marrik Hyuuga
Tenth Hokage
Marrik Hyuuga


PostSubject: Water Ninjutsus   Sun Jul 18, 2010 1:39 am

Genin Water Ninjutsus

Hidden Mist Technique

Chuunin Water Ninjutsus

Water Clone Technique
Water Prison Technique
Water Release: Gunshot
Water Release: Syrup Capture
Water Release: Violent Bubble
Water Release: Violent Water
Water Release:
Waterfall Basin Technique

Jonin Water Ninjutsus

Thousand Flying Water
Needles of Death
Water Release:
Exploding Water Colliding Wave
Water Release: Five Feeding
Water Release: Great Water Arm
Water Release:
Water Dragon Bullet Technique
Water Release: Water
Encampment Wall
Water Release: Water Fang
Water Release:
Water Shark Missile Technique

Anbu Water Ninjutsus
Water Release: Great
Waterfall Technique

Kage Water Ninjutsus


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Water Ninjutsus
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