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 How To Rank Up and Learn new Jutsus

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Marrik Hyuuga
Tenth Hokage


PostSubject: How To Rank Up and Learn new Jutsus   Sun Jul 18, 2010 6:08 pm

To learn New jutsus and rank up is very simple.

To Rank To Chuunin Level You Must-
* Have Done 10 Mission Reports
* Passed Chuunin Exams

Jonin Rank-
* Must Have done 25 Mission Reports
*Passed Jonin Exams

*Must have done 40 Missions
*Passed Anbu Exams

Kage Rank-
* Done 60 Missions
*Passed Kage Exams

Sage Rank- (senjutsu Level)
*Done 80 Missions
*Passed Sage Exams

God Level Shinobi-
*Done 100 Missions
*Passed God Level Exams
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How To Rank Up and Learn new Jutsus
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