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 Special Achievement: Infinite Level Shinobi

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Marrik Hyuuga


Special Achievement: Infinite Level Shinobi Empty
PostSubject: Special Achievement: Infinite Level Shinobi   Special Achievement: Infinite Level Shinobi Icon_minitimeSun Jul 18, 2010 7:03 pm

The Level Of Infinite Is a Status/Rank That Only One Legendary Shinobi Can Achieve!

To Be The Infinite Level Shinobi, You Must Already be a God Level Shinobi, In order to apply for this Status.

Many Applications Will be DENIED! Because The Hokage is looking for a special ninja that only appears ONCE IN A GENERATION.

Having The status/rank of Infinite Level Shinobi Means The Following...V_V

*You Are Not Able To Die By Any means Necessary
*You may Master One One Other Chakra Nature and learn all its Jutsus.
*You Will be able to suggest missions to The Hokage that everyone else can do.

To Apply For The Status/Rank of Infinite Level You Must do The Following...V_V

-Make an application
*Include a copy of your character profile
*A copy of all the jutsus youve learned
*What Type of Senjutsu Youve Learned
*What makes you think The Hokage should choose you
*What makes your application better than the rest
*What it means to be a True Shinobi
*How many roleplaying spars and missions have you done.

Once Finished The Application Submit it in this forum under the title Infinite Level Shinobi Applications.
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Special Achievement: Infinite Level Shinobi
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