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 How To Earn Sharingan Tomoes !

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How To Earn Sharingan Tomoes ! Empty
PostSubject: How To Earn Sharingan Tomoes !   How To Earn Sharingan Tomoes ! Icon_minitimeWed Jul 28, 2010 3:07 am

To Earn Tomoes You Must do the following for each tomoe..

1 Tomoe:
Journey To The Mist Village-
*Fight The Long Dead Zabuza of the Mist
*Write 300 Words on The Fight Between You and Zabuza
*Approved By The Hokage

2 Tomoe:
At Your Service... -
*Serve as The Hokage's Assistant for a day
*Write 400 words on what you did as The Assistant
*Get it approved by The Hokage

3 Tomoe:
Web of Shadows-
*Fight the Long Dead Kidomaru
*Write 500 Words on the fight between You and Kidomaru
*Copy the jutsu "Body Flicker Technique" From Kidomaru
*Get it approved by The Hokage

Mongeykyou Sharingan:
More Than One Way... -
*Find an alternate Way to obtain the Mongeykyou without Killing
*Write 600 words on what you did and how you did it
*Get it approved by The Hokage

Eternal Mongeykyou Sharingan:
Battle of the Eyes-
*Go Head to Head Against Lord Hokage with His Byakugan!
*Write 1000 words on your battle with Lord Hokage
*Tell How you killed The Hokage!! (Not For Real)...
*Get it approved by The Hokage

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How To Earn Sharingan Tomoes !
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