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Marrik Hyuuga


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PostSubject: Follow this Character Template   Follow this Character Template Icon_minitimeSat Jul 17, 2010 11:18 pm

You Must Follow This Template In order to make your character. If you dont follow this template to make your character it will be...Rejected! Try And put as much information as possible for these sections!

Your Profile Should Look Like the Following:

Name: Whats Your Characters Name and what do you want us to call him or her.

Age: How old is your character ?

Bloodline Abilities: What bloodline does your character have ? Ex: (Sharingan or Byakugan) Those are the only bloodlines accepted here.

Rank/Status: What Rank Are you ? (Of course you must put Genin, because that is the only way you can rank up) But you wont stay genin for long, as long as you do the missions and role play with other characters.

Classfication: What are you classified as ? (You must put Genin Level Shinobi)

Village: What village are you from ? (Sand Village, Leaf Village, Mist Village, Rock Village, Cloud Village)

Alignment: Are you Good or Are You Evil. Do You Want To Start a War Or Do You Want To Keep The Peace.

Appearance: What does your character look like. Give very detailed description here!

Personality: How does your character act ? What is it like to be around he or she ? What does he or she believe in ? What are they're Emotions ? Very Detailed Description

History: How did your character come to be ? Who are his or her parents ? Are his or her parents alive ? Did he or she go through any childhood Problems ? Very Detailed Description

Specialty: What Is his or her chakra nature ? What two elements can he or she use ? Why did you choose he or she to use these elements ? Very Detailed Description

Summoning: What can your character summon ? What can the summon do? How did you meet the summon ? How can you summon the summon ? What does the summon look like ? What does the summon act like ? Very Detailed Description

Jutsus: What elemental jutsus can your character use ? Please go to naruto wiki or leafninja.com and Choose only D-rank jutsus that your character has already learned. The D-rank jutsus that you choose must be of your character's chakra nature.

Weakness: What is your character afraid of ? Why is your character afraid of those things ?

** Note: If you want your character to use Sand Ninjutsu, you character can only learn either Genjutsu and Sand Ninjutsu or Taijutsu and Sand Ninjutsu. They ARE NOT allowed to have an elemental affinity
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Follow this Character Template
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