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 Sanmita Chunnin Exam Application

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Marrik Hyuuga
Tenth Hokage
Marrik Hyuuga


PostSanmita Chunnin Exam Application

Charcter Name: Sanmita

Character Rank: Genin

Chuunin exam: As a genin I did many missions, including some life threatening ones. I had been able to save a scroll that contained plenty of S-class ninjutsu, learn B-rank and above medical Jutsu and saved some lives. I also developed my skills as a weapon specialist. I started to have a better grasp over my elemental sword, and took Twin Blade sonata to a higher level. I also learnt some of my bloodline techniques, which were more offensive type.

I have shown evidences of advance planning and quick improvisation. As a kunoichi, I have proved most of the other people wrong that Kunoichi are mostly only for glamor. The traitor ANBU learnt it the hard way. I also have been able to master chakra control, and its a big feat seeing that I have a large reserve of chakra. My attacks have grown more lethal, and more accurate. I have also invented some new Jutsu, which I ll submit as soon as I master them. They are easily C-B ranked. I also have control over my summons now, earlier, they were a bit tough to handle since I was a novice. Bt now I can control them.

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Sanmita Chunnin Exam Application :: Comments

Marrik Hyuuga
Re: Sanmita Chunnin Exam Application
Post on Tue Apr 03, 2012 3:24 pm by Marrik Hyuuga

Sanmita Chunnin Exam Application

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