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 Post Your Summon Here !

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Marrik Hyuuga
Tenth Hokage
Marrik Hyuuga


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PostSubject: Post Your Summon Here !   Post Your Summon Here ! Icon_minitimeSun Jul 18, 2010 12:03 am

Please post your summon here and wait for The Hokage to Either reject or accept your summoning.
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PostSubject: Re: Post Your Summon Here !   Post Your Summon Here ! Icon_minitimeThu Nov 04, 2010 4:47 am

Name of Summon: *Multi-summons*

Species: Celestial spirits

Summoning Description/abilities: These summons can be used only by a celestial edge user. The ancient Celestial release users had contract with Celestial beings. The summons don't die, but they can be defeated. The summons are as follows.

Aquarius: Aquarius is based off of a mermaid. Her tail, bikini top, and hair is blue. She has two gold armlets and she wears a jewel circlet. She wields an urn which is the basis of her powers. Aquarius is very moody towards her summoner. Her abilities deals with water. She absorbs water in her urn and she hurls it with tremendous force. She can throw a yacht from a few hundred miles out at sea back to shore. Aquarius cannot be summoned unless there is a body of water around.

Taurus: "the Great Bull" A minotaur with black and white coat who wields a giant two-bladed axe. Taurus is an extremely perverse and fun loving summon. However, when the time calls for it, he can be focused to protect his summoner. Taurus sends out a small earthquake towards his opponent by splitting the ground with his Axe. Can be defeated by physical combat or wind gale.

Cancer: The Giant Crab. Cancer uses his scissor arms to fight the enemy. It has speed, but no strength.

Virgo: The Maiden. Virgo takes the form of a maid with shackles around her wrists. Virgo grabs and throws the enemy into the ground and with the power of the throw creatShe also has shown the ability to change her appearance to suit her master's tastesIt is currently unknown if her strength scales with her size or if she has the same physical prowess in her current form, though it should be noted that there have been instances of her attacking opponents with great strength while in her petite form.

Sagittarius: The Archer. Sagittarius, despite how people would view him, is a tall, black-haired centaur. He has rustic, almost medieval clothing. His weapon is a bow and he has a giant quiver on his back. Sagittarius' weapon of choice is a bow and arrow, and his arrow gather electricity when he shoots them. He also seems to be very resourceful, and practical. His shots are 100% accurate.

Leo: The Lion. Leo is the most Human-Looking spirit. He sports Dark orange hair with several earrings in each ear. His attire is formal; a black suit with a lightly colored shirt and a zebra-striped tie. Leo uses the Light, Lion magic Regulus, which is activated by his ring. As a Celestial Spirit, he is known as a "combat specialist" and uses mostly melee based magic. His magic has been seen to have some ranged moves, though any physical ranged moves have yet to be confirmed. This powers up all of Leo's attacks with light magic claws, making him able to slash or punch an enemy with much more power.

Gemini: The twins. Gemi and Mini are two individual twins of a single Celestial Spirit. They are both small alien-like creatures with two strands of hair. They both wear shorts. Gemi has a smile like "V" shape while Mini has an upside down "V" for a mouth. Gemi has a sash running from his right shoulder to the left side of its waist, the opposite being true for its twin. The Gemini has the ability to transform into anyone flawlessly. Once transformed, they will gain the transformed person's knowledge, magic and their recent thoughts (if not while they are thinking about them in real time). Though it is most unlikely that they could also mimic the subject's level of magical power to the same caliber. Gemini, however, can only hold the transformation for five minutes, and they must touch the person in order to transform. This may be due to the summoner's magic capability rather than their own. When they recall memories, they talk in a bullet style listing; the amount of information that they can access is, of course, limited to the knowledge that the genuine counterpart is actually aware of, and nothing more beyond that. Gemini can only retain the capability to transform up to two people, and any more additional transformation requires them to erase one of the transformed forms. It must be noted that it is not known if in their transformations they can wield the same power as the person they are copying.

Aries: The Ram. Aries is a timid female, very soft spoken and shy. Apparently, she has no fighting abilities. Aries unleashes a cloud of wool at enemies, which apparently makes them go into a relaxed state.

Scorpio: The Scorpion. His weapon appears to be a large, strange gun shaped like a scorpion's tail. Scorpio has a sand cannon in his tail. By getting down on all fours and pointing the tail cannon at the enemy, Scorpio fires a powerful sand tornado towards the enemy.

Lyra: The Lyre. Lyra is a young girl Spirit. She has waist length hair that curls at the end, and wears a pink bonnet on top. Her cheeks have blush marks, and she wears a long dress with heart prints by her waist. She wears leather shoes as well. She has wings and a giant harp on her back. She has no combat abilities seeing as she's merely a performance Celestial Spirit. She is a very good singer and a harp player. Her songs themselves can also embody the heart and feelings of the people who are listening.

Pisces: The fishes. Pisces are two salmon-looking fishes. In battle, they transform themselves to water dragons. They are weak against electricity.

Libra: The Balance. Libra is a woman with long, brown hair and scales in her hands. She wears deep black gown. She is a symbol of love, wisdom and balance. She uses her scales to weigh the possibilities, and hence is the strategist amongst all celestial beings.

Capricorn: The Sea Goat. Capricorn looks like a fawn with a fish tail. He is symbol of Pan, the nature god. His ability is called Panic, where he releases a scream that causes all the opponents to get afraid, and unable to think. Aside from that, they have no abilities whatsoever.

Elemental Affinity:
1. Water: Aquarius, Pisces
2. Earth: Taurus, Scorpio
3. Air: Aries
4. Fire: Leo
5. Electricity: Sagittarius

Summoning Style: The summoner needs to write a kanji for ‘key’ in a circle on any surface using his/her blood. The putting all five fingers on the circle, he/ she calls out the summon’s name, and moves the hand clockwise, as if rotating a key.
Note: Despite the fact they can’t be killed, celestial beings can be defeated using the opposite element they represent, or sheer physical assault, if it is strong enough.

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Marrik Hyuuga
Tenth Hokage
Marrik Hyuuga


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PostSubject: Re: Post Your Summon Here !   Post Your Summon Here ! Icon_minitimeSat Nov 06, 2010 6:51 pm


Very Interesting Summons Sanmita !
As long as they can be defeated you may posses them. They cant be killed in battle, but they can be defeated and sent back to their realm.
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PostSubject: Re: Post Your Summon Here !   Post Your Summon Here ! Icon_minitime

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Post Your Summon Here !
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